1. Klitekture info/concept
2. contact
3. bookings
4. press downloads
5. demo policy
6. Dimension sonica/Label reviews
7. Thanks to…

1. klitekture info/concept

Klitekture Records was created in November 2001 by Luis Ortiz in the Canary Islands with the intention to publish works related to experimental music, audio-visual installations, video creations and related arts.
The name klitekture is composed of different terms like ¨ clicks, techno, architecture and structure ” that mark the sonority and aesthetics of the works published on this platform by internationally known artists such as Sutekh, Mapstation, Frank Bretchneider, Deadbeat, Krikor, Tonne, Pep Gaya, Andreas Tilliander and Luis Ortiz himself under the pseudonym of LOD.

In its first decade the label has changed its base of operations at different times getting very active into the recognized scenes of Barcelona and Berlin in addition to various exhibitions and presentations at international festivals such as Sonar (Barcelona), LOFT (Barcelona), Stasis (Dublin) Superdeluxe (Tokyo), FDM (Guadalajara), ZMF (Berlin), Killekill / Berghain (Berlin), among others.

2. contact

email: info (at) klitekture (dot) com

3. bookings

Booking information for Amanda Lopez, Luis Ortiz, LOD, Krater, Fehlfaktor, Frank Bretschneider, Oranda and special label nights:
klitekture bookings:
bookings (at) klitekture (dot ) com
4. press downloads (Downloads at Hi-Res for press and printing purposes)
Klitekture press kit – click on image to downlad kit

To download press kit from a particular artists click here

5. demo policy

Sorry we are not accepting demos

6. Dimension sonica/Label reviews

Dimension Sonica is the press team composed by Jonas Hernandez, Vijay and Dani Vallejo in charge of making detailed descriptions from our releases, if you need to contact them to get their services to make press releases you can contact them at \n dimensionsonica@hotmail.com

7. Thanks to…

I would like to thank the following people for their enormous contribution and support to the labels (without any order in particular) :

Amanda Lopez ( vinyl/CD design, sinergy-networks logo, videos, photos, visual performances on our events and more )

Ricardo Garcia ( First klitekture logo, Vinyl design )

Paul Farrington ( Current klitekture image/logo, Vinyl/CD design, First klitekture flash website and of course his amazing album )

Javi Toron ( Macro/excel programmer )

Jonas Hernandez and Dimension Sonica ( Description of all our releases )

…and of course big thanks to all artists who have contributed to this project, hard to name them all since there are more than 100 but go to artist link on the menu and you will know who they are.